Norwest Energy Wraps Up Wessex Seismic Work

Norwest Energy NL's (NWE) wholly owned subsidiary NWE Mirrabooka (UK) Pty.Ltd. has completed the acquisition of a 34 miles (54 kilometers) seismic survey over the Razorback prospect located onshore at PEDL 239 on the Isle of Wight in the Wessex Basin, Southern England.

Tesla Exploration International Ltd (Tesla) were contracted to acquire the 2D seismic survey which took 13 recording days to complete, was within budget and had no significant health, safety or environmental issues.

The vibroseis source provided excellent data quality, a significant improvement on previous surveys. This was due in part to the high spec equipment used to acquire the data as well as extensive parameter testing at the beginning of the survey to optimize the acquisition parameters.

Tesla have now been contracted to process the data. This is expected to be completed within 3 weeks. When processing is complete, the seismic data will be combined with existing 2D seismic to update Norwest's mapping over the Razorback prospect. This data set should provide the detail required to confidently demonstrate the prospects structural integrity.

The Razorback prospect is located in a central position on the Isle of Wight and is the highest ranked prospect in PEDL 239. Razorback is located relatively close to the giant Wytch Farm field. The primary target is the Triassic Sherwood Sandstone reservoir and there is a secondary target, the Jurassic Oolite reservoir. Razorback is estimated to contain 43 MMbls oil in place (P50).

The joint venture partners in PEDL 239 are:

  • NWE Mirrabooka (UK) Pty. Ltd. - operator 75%
  • Wessex Exploration Plc 25%

NWE Mirrabooka (UK) Pty.Ltd. (Norwest) and its partner Wessex Exploration Plc now have a large footprint in the Wessex basin, both onshore and offshore. Evaluating the Razorback prospect is an important component in the plan to explore and maximize the value of this acreage.