Production Begins from the Boulton H Gas Field in the North

Following the successful completion of the Boulton H development well, 44/22b-H1x, production commenced on March 6th from the Boulton gas field, situated in the UK Southern North Sea. The initial production rate has been measured at nearly 140mmscfd gross. Boulton H is the last field to be brought on production as part of the five field CMS III development program, which has been developed using the production and transportation facilities of the Caister Murdoch System (CMS), located some 115 miles north east of the Lincolnshire coast. Tullow has a 14.1% unitized equity in CMS III.

Production from the five fields, Murdoch K, Hawksley, McAdam, Watt, and now Boulton H, originates from a number of different Carboniferous reservoirs. The current combined production from the fields is 310mmscfd gross.

In addition to production from the new well, the additional compressor unit installed as part of the CMS III development program is fully operational on the Murdoch platform. This doubles the CMS compression capacity and boosts overall CMS production by around 15%. The added compression allows ample provision for handling future developments. Tullow is currently reappraising a number of discoveries in this area using the latest seismic technology.

Partners in the CMS III development are Tullow Oil with 14.1%; ConocoPhillips as operator with 59.5%; GDF Britain Limited with 26.4%.

Aidan Heavey, Tullow's CEO stated "We congratulate ConocoPhillips on bringing the CMS III project to a successful conclusion. The CMS III project demonstrates the successful application of modern technology to existing discoveries and we look forward to further value-creating initiatives in the area, via both new drilling and third party business."