Cudd Introduces New Drilling/Workover System

Cudd Pressure Control Inc. introduces the new hydraulic drilling and workover Rack Jack System(TM). Cudd has reengineered its stand-alone hydraulic snubbing and workover unit to improve operational efficiency and safety for use in conventional drilling and workover applications. The new system is designed to enhance operations and reduce cost by making the unit practical for side track drilling and heavy workover, cutting space requirements during transport and operation, reducing trip times and providing a safer work environment.

The new Rack Jack System(TM) is a more compact unit. Its compact and modular style makes transportation and rig up on remote and conventional job sites easier and less expensive. Offshore shipments are typically reduced to only one workboat with a clear deck of 30' x 130'. The workbasket is designed to rack vertically in single or double stands. Vertical racking of a pipe improves trip times and workspace safety compared to traditional hydraulic units.

Bert Ballard, Cudd's International Projects Manager, explains this recent innovation, "The Rack Jack System(TM) has created a step-change improvement versus conventional hydraulic snubbing units in well intervention efficiency and snubbing personnel safety. This new system design allows the vertical racking of tubular goods between the snubbing unit's workbasket and the platform floor. It enhances cost effectiveness of modern hydraulic snubbing units by substantially eliminating the labor-intensive handling processes of tubular goods between the pipe rack to snubbing unit workbasket." Ballard also emphasized, "The Rack Jack System(TM) improves running and pulling speeds per hour, reduces handling time and pipe damage, and improves the work environment safety for snubbing personnel."

Cudd Pressure Control's Special Service Division has now successfully completed a total of six Rack Jack System(TM) drilling and workover operations -- including four re-entry directional sidetracks.

The Rack Jack System(TM) is currently available in two models with lift capacities of 225,000 and 340,000 lbs. The 225k unit is equipped with integral 5,000 ft-lbs. torque capacity rotary and the 340k unit is equipped with integral 6,000 ft-lbs. torque capacity rotary for drilling or milling operations. Both units are available with higher torque ratings on request.