San Leon Energy Finds Potential Unconventional Gas Play in Poland

European shale gas firm San Leon Energy announced Tuesday that its Siciny-2 well in Poland has uncovered a new potential unconventional gas play in the country.

San Leon, which has a portfolio of assets across Europe and North Africa, said that it had completed the drilling, initial evaluation and had cased its Siciny-2 well in the SW Carboniferous Basin of Poland, which comprises 880,000 acres held 100 percent by San Leon.
The well is located in the company's 100-percent operated Gora Concession 43 miles (70 kilometers) to the southeast of the city of Zielona Gora.  The initial goal of collecting core and downhole geophysical data focused on understanding the unconventional gas potential of the Carboniferous section has been achieved.  The Carboniferous is known to be the source rock for the significant gas production in the overlying Permian Rotliegendes formation in Poland.
The stratigraphic test well reached target depth of 11,545 feet (3,520 meters) after penetrating more than 3,280 feet (1,000 meters) of Carboniferous section.  More than 870 feet (265 meters) of continuous core were collected across three prospective intervals identified in the Siciny-1 well.
A previously unseen fourth potential Carboniferous shale section and a fractured tight gas sandstone were also encountered below 10,500 feet (3,200 meters) in the well. Tight rock analysis will be performed on the core to evaluate the potential for commercial shale gas and tight gas sand production.  Valuable drilling data was also obtained in drilling the complex structure of the Carboniferous section, allowing the company to reduce the time and cost of drilling future wells.
During drilling, continuous gas shows (C1-C3) were encountered across the four prospective shale intervals as well as through the tight sandstone interval.  Evaluation and interpretation of the core and logs is expected to take three-to-four months in preparation for future production testing operations.  The well was cased for further operations, which could include, pressure testing of the prospective zones (DFIT test) and also possible vertical fracture stimulation and production tests across several intervals.
The company is focusing on analyzing the final technical results of the well in preparation for testing.
"We are encouraged by the initial results of the Siciny-2 well showing four potential zones for unconventional gas production, including a newly identified interval," said San Leon Chairman Oisin Fanning. "In total we encountered more than 500 meters of potential reservoir for further analysis and possible testing. The complex nature of the Carboniferous source rock, including natural fracturing, shows real promise for gas production. Based upon these initial results we have completed the well for future testing operations."