BHP Spuds Neptune 7 Appraisal Well

Woodside reports that the Neptune #7 appraisal well in the Gulf of Mexico in Atwater Valley block 618 was spudded last week. This well is a replacement well for the Neptune #6 well which had to be plugged and abandoned soon after spudding due to mechanical difficulties.

The well will be drilled using the GlobalSantaFe drillship Glomar Explorer. Water depth at the location is approximately 6,260 feet. Planned total depth is approximately 18,848 feet (referenced to the rig rotary table).

BHP is the operator with a 50% stake. The other participants are Marathon Oil Company and Woodside Petroleum Ltd., which hold 30-percent and 20-percent working interests, respectively. The Neptune discovery is located in the Atwater Foldbelt region of the Gulf of Mexico. This area also includes the Mad Dog and Atlantis fields.