Searcher Seismic Kicks Off AU Mariner Project

Searcher Seismic Pty Ltd announced that the Mariner 2D Seismic Project has commenced. The seismic project will comprise 1,926 miles (3,100 kilometers) long offset 2D non-exclusive seismic data and 6,027 miles (9,700 kilometers) of Super-Tie reprocessing for the 2012 Proposed Acreage Release. At the time of writing, over 994 miles (1,600 kilometers) of new data has been acquired and the full data set should be available for interpretation by early July 2012.

The survey will provide a modern grid of data (Approximately 5 x 5 kilometers) and includes a substantial unexplored Upper Jurassic graben, which are commonly associated with prolific oil source rocks elsewhere on the Northwest Shelf (For example, Dingo Claystone in the Carnarvon Basin, Vulcan Fm in the Vulcan Graben). This new data provides the first opportunity to evaluate the upper Jurassic petroleum system. The area also has significant potential for large gas prospects in Plover Fm and the underlying Triassic section.

The project has been designed to integrate seamlessly with Searcher's Offshore Canning and Outer Browse PSTM Super-Tie reprocessing to provide the most comprehensive data set available over the region.