Baker Hughes Licenses Drillworks from Knowledge Systems

Knowledge Systems has entered into an agreement with Baker Hughes to supply its geopressure analysis software worldwide for real time geopressure and wellbore stability analysis at the wellsite. Baker Hughes will combine the industry leading Drillworks 2004 integrated geopressure and geomechanics solution with new Baker Hughes technology to help operators manage the two leading causes of non-productive time, geopressure and wellbore stability related problems.

"Baker Hughes INTEQ is excited about the partnership with Knowledge Systems. We look forward to combining some of the advanced capabilities of the Drillworks 2004 Pro Suite with our new downhole tool technology as we launch high-end wellbore stability and drilling optimization services". Pat McGinley, Director of Surface Systems, Baker Hughes.

"Drillworks has been a sound PPFG software platform for our wellsite PressTEQ Pressure Management Services for more than 10 years. It enables us to dynamically integrate a wide range of data to make an accurate and complete pressure analysis. It gives us the confidence to be proactive in helping our customers make real-time, risk-reducing decisions at the wellsite". Mike Reese, Adv. Geological Supervisor, Baker Hughes INTEQ

Baker Hughes plans to license Drillworks Onsite enterprise wide. Drillworks Onsite will enable Baker Hughes' employees to perform real time pore pressure and fracture gradient analysis at the wellsite. Drillworks Onsite is a component of the Drillworks Predict and Witslink software from the award winning Drillworks 2004 family that has been used throughout the world to perform real time geopressure and wellbore stability analysis to reduce costly drilling problems, increase safety, and improve drilling operations.

As part of the agreement, the Baker Hughes OASIS drilling optimization group also has licensed the Drillworks 2004 Professional Suite for geopressure and geomechanical analysis. From well planning to real-time analysis of the pressures and stresses that can adversely impact drilling operations, Baker Hughes OASIS will use the Drillworks 2004 suite to analyze seismic, drilling and geologic data to help operators avoid drilling trouble and reduce expensive non-productive time. The Drillworks 2004 Professional Suite will be combined with Baker Hughes's new downhole technology to provide operators leading wellbore stability and drilling optimization services.

"We are pleased to partner with Baker Hughes. Baker Hughes understands the impact that geopressure and wellbore stability analysis can have to an operator's drilling programs. By implementing the industry leading Drillworks 2004 Suite, Baker Hughes will help operators worldwide minimize costly problems and downtime while improving drilling performance and safety." James Webster, COO, Knowledge Systems.

About Drillworks 2004

Drillworks is an integrated geopressure and geomechanics solution from Knowledge Systems that is helping Exploration & Production companies worldwide improve their drilling success with new levels of risk reduction, cost savings, and drilling performance. The Drillworks solution of innovative Knowledge-Based Drilling software, training, and engineering consulting enables E&P companies to drill deeper, faster, and safer with less trouble and reduced costs.

Geoscientists and drilling engineers at 18 of the top 20 E&P operators worldwide already use Drillworks software and services to avoid dry holes, blowouts, lost wells, kicks, stuck pipe, unneeded casing strings or liners, and lost circulation.