Omni Aviation Wins 5-Year Gulf of Mexico Contract

Omni Energy Services has been awarded a five year contract by W & T Offshore Incorporated, Houston, Texas, to provide offshore transportation services to approximately 90 manned and unmanned offshore platforms operated by W & T primarily in the shallow, offshore waters of the Gulf of Mexico. Aviation revenues for the W & T contract are expected to exceed $7 million annually and will be serviced with OMNI's current inventory of helicopters, including the recently announced fleet additions.

"The addition of the W & T contract establishes OMNI as a major provider of aviation transportation services for oil and gas companies operating in the shallow, offshore waters of the Gulf of Mexico," commented James C. Eckert, Chief Executive Officer. "With the recent acquisition of American Helicopters, we have expanded our aviation fleet and developed our infrastructure to position ourselves to properly service major offshore accounts. The W & T alliance capitalizes on our efforts to strengthen our expanded aviation fleet and increased offshore infrastructure capabilities," continued Eckert. "Operating from base locations in Louisiana and Texas, we are capable of providing aviation transportation services to oil and gas companies operating in shallow water, offshore locations across the Gulf Coast. Further, the W & T alliance immediately maximizes utilization of our existing aviation fleet and establishes a strong revenue balance from our core business segments," concluded Eckert.