Lucas Spuds Tx. Well

Lucas Energy, Inc. announced that the Company has spudded the Hagen Ranch Unit No.1HST well in Gonzales County, Texas. The Hagen Ranch No.1HST well is a new lateral from an old horizontal well in the Austin Chalk formation. The well is on the same lease as the two Hilcorp Oil Company drilled, but now Marathon Oil Company operated, Hagen EF No.1H and No.2H wells producing from the Eagle Ford formation. The Hagen Ranch No.1HST well is being drilled with joint venture partners.

In other news, the Rainey Unit No.1H horizontal Austin Chalk well has produced over 6,500 barrels (bbls) of oil to date. Recently, the well was acidized and production increased above 100 barrels of oil per day (bopd).

The newly drilled lateral in the Kuntschik No.1HST well is recovering load water but is making approximately 40 bopd already. Production is anticipated to increase after recovery of the load water.

Lucas is completing the Hagen Ranch No.4H newly drilled Austin Chalk horizontal well this week. Production and testing should commence within the next ten days. This well is also located on the same lease as the two Marathon operated Eagle Ford wells.

William A. Sawyer, President and Chief Executive Officer of the Company said, "Lucas continues to drill new Austin Chalk horizontal wells and new laterals from older wells. This is a continuation of our business plan to develop the underlying potential of our leases."