DNO Logs Pay with Nabrajah-1 Well in Yemen

DNO says that drilling of well Nabrajah-1 in Block 43 in Yemen is now completed. Preliminary evaluation of well logs confirms movable hydrocarbons in a gross interval of about 20 meters. The well will now be tested.

Drilling of well Nabrajah-1 commenced on February 9th, and the well reached a total depth of approximately 2,200 meters on March 5th. Electrical logs have been run in the well and the results confirm movable hydrocarbons in the interval 1,770 - 1,790 meters.

The reservoir consists of Qishn sandstone, which is of the same nature as the geological formation of the Tasour- and Sharyoof reservoirs in Block 32 and Block 53 respectively.

The well will now be tested, and in addition to the above mentioned hydrocarbon bearing interval, further testing are considered of zones where hydrocarbon shows have been encountered during drilling, but results from well logging are non-conclusive.

To conclude if this is a commercial discovery will depend on the production capacity of the reservoir as well as the size of the structure.

DNO is the operator of the license holding a 50 % share.