Norway's PSA Gives Consent to Statoil for Sleipner B

The Petroleum Safety Authority Norway has granted Statoil a new and permanent consent for the use of the wellhead installation Sleipner B (SLB). The installation is to be operated unmanned with periodic hiring of a flotel.

Statoil has previously been granted consent to use SLB as an unmanned installation with remote operations. The consent expired on February 2 2004.

After two years' experience with unmanned and remote operations, Statoil applied for consent for permanent use of the installation.

The consent was granted on the following conditions:

  • The maximum number of persons for which overnight accommodation can be planned is seven.
  • The maximum number of persons that can stay overnight on the SLB installation in the event of unforeseen situations, is 20.
  • The maximum number of overnight stays per person per trip, is three.
  • If personnel has stayed three nights on the SLB installation in the course of a 14-day period and still needs to visit SLB, such a visit shall be a day visit.
  • Deviation from these conditions shall be processed by the Sleipner management.

  • It is a pre-requisite that the Sleipner management establishes or continues a system for registering the following parameters for the SLB installation: Working hours on the installation in accordance with previously established systems, the extent of overtime, number of overnight stays beyond the conditions and the reason for such deviations.