Ness Energy Begins First Project in Israel

Ness Energy International has commenced its first oil and gas well project in Israel. The Ness Energy company owned drilling/workover rig, all of its components and support personnel, are on location in Israel, and work has begun on the Gurim #4. Ness efforts in Israel have now moved from the planning and preparation stages to actual in-the-field oil and gas exploration.

Sha Stephens, President of Ness Energy International said, "This is truly a mile stone for Ness Energy International. Even though Ness Energy has been partners in oil and gas ventures in the past, NOW, a first in the history of the company, Ness Energy is in charge of and conducting its own oil and gas operations in Israel. NOW, as a result of our recent purchase of the drilling and work over equipment, along with the acquisition of LaHava Oil & Gas Ltd., we are able to pursue this type of project and move Ness out of the past and into the future. As far as most oil and gas deals go, the workover of this well does not amount to a sizeable venture, but for Ness Energy International, Inc. it is symbolically the biggest thing to date that the company has experienced. With this rework, or test, which Ness is undertaking, several things are accomplished. First off, Ness is able to rub elbows and meet various players in the energy service industry in Israel. Also, we get to experience and gain first hand knowledge of the inner-working of the industry and its politics."