EMGS, Schlumberger to Combine EM Service Offerings

EMGS and Schlumberger on Thursday announced the intention to enter into a cooperative agreement effective from 3 January 2012 in which the parties will offer to the industry their respective expertise in the marine electromagnetic related fields of processing, advanced modelling and earth model building.

Schlumberger will immediately withdraw from the on-going patent disputes in the United Kingdom, The Netherlands and the European Patent Office.

Schlumberger and EMGS have further entered into a cross-licence of patents relevant to the CSEM acquisition business.

"We look forward to building on both companies' strengths and are hopeful that this agreement will enhance the adoption of EM technology," says Roar Bekker, EMGS chief executive officer. "Furthermore, our combined service offerings will provide the global oil and gas industry with improved integration capabilities and accelerate the growing portfolio of EM applications."