Agreement Inked for Oil Spill Resources in Mediterranean

SEACOR Response Ltd., a global provider of emergency preparedness and response solutions, Alpha Briggs Mediterranean Ltd, a provider of oil spill services based in Malta, and OSRA Greece Ltd, a company registered in Greece to provide oil spill services to the region, announced today that they have implemented a joint agreement to provide supplementary resources in the event of an oil spill incident in the Mediterranean Sea region. The agreement allows the parties to access the equipment and personnel response resources of the partners under a pre-agreed arrangement in the event of an incident in the region.

"This agreement allows the parties to cost-effectively provide greater response capacity for their respective clients in the region," said Neil Challis, President of SEACOR Response. Paul Pisani, Commercial and Operations Director of Alpha Briggs, added, "The combination of the regional oil spill and salvage strengths of Alpha Briggs and OSRA Greece and the international response capability of SEACOR Response provides for a very robust industry-led capability in the region." Paul Xiradakis, Operations Director of OSRA Greece, commented, "Networking the regional resources of our Group with those of SEACOR Response was a wise decision, and the only way that may effectively guarantee a professional response mechanism to the oil and gas and shipping industries."

SEACOR Response, a subsidiary of SEACOR Holdings Inc. (NYSE: CKH - News), is a global leader in the provision of emergency preparedness and response solutions including oil spill response, HAZMAT response, fire fighting and emergency response training & consultancy. SEACOR Response combines local services and knowledge with the global strengths of a major international company to deliver quality service worldwide. SEACOR Response is focused on providing highly responsive local service combined with the highest safety standards, modern efficient equipment and experienced and knowledgeable professional employees.

ALPHA BRIGGS is based in Malta at a strategic location in the Sicily Channel separating the Mediterranean Eastern basin from the Western basin, With the current sea borne traffic in the Mediterranean exceeding 280,000 vessels annually, the oil & gas activity in North Africa, the busy STS area just offshore Malta, and the busy sea lanes from/to North Africa crossing the East/West traffic routes the base in Malta is of strategic importance. ALPHA BRIGGS supports the newly formed OSRA INTERNATIONAL group of oil spill response companies based around the Mediterranean.

OSRA GREECE operates an oil spill response base in Piraeus, and is preparing to establish its second base in Tessaloniki in Northern Greece. The area of operation of the Company covers the sea traffic moving to and from the Black Sea. The numerous islands in the Aegean Sea have been the cause of a high incidence of marine casualties in the region. OSRA GREECE supports international salvors operating in the area, as well as local authorities in the protection of their national environment.