Fiberspar Brings Innovative Flowline Technology to Australia

Fiberspar Corporation, the leading producer of spoolable fiberglass-reinforced line pipe, today announced that it has expanded its LinePipe flowline technology into Australia.

"LinePipe's performance and cost advantages will benefit Australia's oil and gas industry as Australian operators rapidly expand domestic oil and natural gas production. We're very excited to bring this lower cost, high performance pipeline technology to the Australian market," said Peter Quigley, Fiberspar's chief executive officer.

"More than 450 North American operators have installed over 15,000 km of LinePipe during the last 10 years, giving LinePipe more kilometers of successful operation than any other spoolable pipeline product," he adds. "What makes LinePipe the dominant technology for production gathering and injection applications are its lower installed costs and its lower operating costs that result from corrosion being completely eliminated."

Available in long, continuous lengths, LinePipe installs two to three times faster than stick fiberglass or welded steel, with less manpower and equipment. It requires no welding, cathodic protection, wraps, coatings, or internal chemical treatments; and its immunity to corrosion and improved flow properties makes LinePipe less costly to operate and maintain.

"Our first installation here of almost 50 km of 4" nominal, 1,500-psi LinePipe, rated for continuous operation up to 82⁰C, was installed in less than three weeks in difficult conditions – substantially faster than it would have taken to lay a steel line. On one day we installed over 8 km of pipe," said Nick Owens, Fiberspar Australia’s engineering and sales manager. "It was very gratifying that on our first installation in Australia, our customer realized significant time and cost savings."