Chevron: No Formal Notice of Brazilian Lawsuit Plans

Chevron said Wednesday that it has not received any formal notice of a Brazilian federal district prosecutor's plans to file a civil lawsuit against Chevron and other companies seeking a reported 20 billion reais ($10.7 billion) in damages, and an injunction stopping Chevron's activities in Brazil.

Chevron said it also has not received any instruction from the regulatory agencies with oversight responsibility for our activities in Brazil regarding suspension of our operations.

“From the outset, Chevron responded responsibly to the incident at its Frade Field and has dealt transparently with all Brazilian authorities,” the company said in a statement.

“The flow of oil from the source was stopped within four days and the company continues to make significant progress in containing any residual oil.”

The company said it has continued to address the surface sheen, which is now less than a single barrel, and that there have been no coastal or wildlife impacts.