Breitling Starts Drilling Oklahoma Well

Breitling has spud the Breitling-Golden Ridge #1H on December 6, 2011 in Logan County, Oklahoma.

The Breitling-Golden Ridge #1H is the first horizontal well in Breitling's Golden Ridge Cleveland Sand development prospect. The Golden Ridge Prospect is a shallow stratigraphic oil and gas play with relatively low geologic and economic risk. The potential exists for Breitling Oil and Gas to drill up to 8 horizontal wells through the oil-bearing Cleveland Sand. The Cleveland is an excellent candidate for horizontal drilling due to high volumes of oil in place and reliable predictability of sand deposition.

Management anticipates the well will reach total measured depth in about 37 days. Hydraulic fracture stimulation and final completion operations should occur the second week of January 2012.

The company declined to disclose reserve potential or any further details regarding the prospect to the public.

Breitling Oil and Gas CEO Chris Faulkner stated, "Breitling has had great success drilling tight gas wells in other plays and it's become a big part of our current business." Faulkner added, "We have learned a lot about the Cleveland Sand play since the first horizontal was drilled in 1997 and we feel our acreage position is allowing us prime access to some of the fairway of the formation."