Investigation Launched into Brae Platform Leak

Officials from the UK Health and Safety Executive flew to the Brae Bravo offshore platform to investigate a suspected gas leak which forced the closure of the entire Brae field on Monday.

Three inspectors were sent to the platform which is located in the North Sea. However, it is too early to say how long the investigation will last.

Marathon Oil, operator of the Brae field off Scotland, said the Bravo platform remained closed on Tuesday as it carried out its own investigation into Monday's alert. The East Brae platform had restarted and Brae Alpha, the third platform closed in the alert, was in the process of resuming production, Marathon said.

The Brae shutdown also halted production at Marathon's nearby Braemar project, which flows gas to the East Brae platform. Braemar came on stream last September with production of 50 million cubic feet a day of gas and 4,500 barrels of condensate.