Additional Seismic to Be Shot at Vanoil's Kenya Blocks

Vanoil provided an operational update on Vanoil's 100% owned Blocks 3A and 3B in Kenya covering 24,912 square kilometers. The original Production Sharing Contract was entered in 2007 with the Government of the Republic of Kenya. By 2009, Vanoil had obtained and re-processed approximately 2,000 kilometers of mid 1970s vintage 2D seismic originally acquired by Chevron. This data was analyzed extensively by Vanoil's Nairobi based geological & geophysical consultants and established that there are three rift system basins present in Blocks 3A and 3B acreage; the Anza (an extension of the rifted Melut and Muglad Basins of the Sudan which contain approximately six billions of barrels of oil), the Mochesa (an extension of Somalia Coastal basin) and the Lamu (the failed arm of the Jurassic triple junction).

In 2010, Vanoil completed its first seismic program which was conducted by BGP Kenya Ltd. This program consisted of 447 line-km of high resolution 2D seismic focusing on an area in South Anza Basin in Block 3A. Analysis of this data, coupled with information from the four existing wells on Blocks 3A and 3B (three of which exhibit hydrocarbon shows), enabled Sproule to complete the National Instrument 51-101 compliant report. Sproule provided a best estimate of gross unrisked prospective resource of 836 million barrels oil equivalent (boe) net to approximately one third of Vanoil's 100% interest lands on Block 3A.

In September 2011, Vanoil and BGP Kenya successfully completed a further 398 kilometer 2D high resolution seismic program on Block 3B bringing the 2010/2011 cumulative total to 845 kilometers of high resolution infill seismic in addition to the 2,000 km of reprocessed 1970s data. Vanoil has now contracted and completed 845 kilometers of new 2D high-resolution seismic on Blocks 3A and 3B.

Vanoil's Calgary based technical team which includes Sproule Interational Ltd, Statcom Ltd., (Statcom), Geoseis Inc, (Geoseis) and Petro-Explorers Inc, (Petro) have concluded the processing, interpretation and integration of the new high resolution 2D seismic program. Based on extensive experience in the South Sudan the team is able to demonstrate a strong interpretative analogy between Blocks 3A and 3B in the South Anza Basin and the prolific oilfields of the Melut and Muglad basins of the South Sudan.

Detailed comparison of the main parameters (source rock, trapping mechanism and seal) of Vanoil's South Anza Basin (area of interest) leads to the analogues Melut Basin fields was also enhanced through the use of Chimney and Sequence Stratigraphy Analysis technology. These analytical tools are provided by dGB Earth Sciences through Petro Explorers and effectively identify the potential hydrocarbon source rock and unbreached traps especially with leads exhibiting amplitude anomalies.

Further detailed analysis including the results of Sequence and Chimney analysis has enabled Vanoil to high grade an area (approximately 2,300km2) in South Anza Basin into a Focus Area containing 15 highly prospective leads directly analogues to the Sudanese Abyat and Adar-Yale oil fields in the Melut Basin of South Sudan.

Commencing December 2011, BGP, on behalf of Vanoil, will proceed to shoot an additional 75 km of high-definition 2D seismic in order to position a 50 square km 3D seismic program. This additional seismic is expected to elevate several of the highly prospective leads contained in the Focus Area of Vanoil's South Anza Basin to drillable prospects.

"The technical information in this release was prepared under the direction of Robert Chenery, a Member of the Association of Professional Engineers, Geologists and Geophysicists of Alberta (APEGGA) and a Qualified Person as defined by National Instrument 51-101. Mr Chenery has read and approves the information contained herein.