Coastal Flow Expands Fleet

Coastal Flow Liquid Measurement announced the latest addition to their proving fleet with a Calibron S50 portable flow prover. This is Coastal Flow's second S50 flow prover capable of meeting the increasing high volume demands of the crude oil and NGL production from the Eagle Ford Shale formation, and is a significant addition to Coastal Flow's mobile fleet of small volume provers. As a Micro Motion® Authorized Proving Company and service provider with more than 20 years of experience in meter proving, Coastal Flow Measurement is an industry leader in proving and calibration services with a diverse fleet equipped to meet the demands of today's pipeline, production, and petrochemical industries.

Coastal Flow's proving fleet can operate at flow rates up to 6500 bbl/hr, and pressures up to 2100 psi. The company's proving services include volumetric, mass, density, and master meters, all in accordance with the latest API standards. In addition to their professional services, Coastal Flow is an authorized sales representative for both Micro Motion products and Calibron provers, providing a comprehensive single-source for measurement needs.