TransAtlantic Resumes Ops at Selmo Field

TransAtlantic provided a comment from N. Malone Mitchell, 3rd, the Company's chairman and chief executive officer, regarding the Company's operations at Selmo field in southeastern Turkey.

Mr. Mitchell said, "Despite the tragic events that transpired last week, TransAtlantic expects to proceed with its existing strategy at Selmo field. We appreciate the tremendous grief experienced by the friends and families of the victims and are working with the authorities to finish their investigations. We trust them to take the actions necessary to bring those responsible to justice. Senior government ministers have assured us they will act and we take them at their word.

"To say that 'ordinary operations have resumed' is disrespectful both to the families of those who died and to those that continue to operate in the field. However, our brave and hardworking operations team resumed production operations on Thursday and have returned the field to recent production levels. TransAtlantic is increasing and changing its security strategy for our field operations to continue to provide our employees and contractors with the protection that they deserve while realizing that it is always hard to anticipate and defend premeditated intent to do violence."