Indusmin Signs Contract for Pilot Production Development

Indusmin Energy has entered into a contract with the Lviv branch of the Ukrainian State Geologic Exploration Institute, (UKRNIGRI) for completing the project design of Pilot production Development of Krasnopolanske gas field for the lower Paleocene sediments; the final resultant report will be the basis for developing the gas processing plant, and the later tie-in to the low pressure gas pipe line and distribution grid owned by Krymgas.

The main aspects to be covered under the project are:

  • Specify the correlation of the cross sections of the pay zones within the Lower Paleocene rocks;
  • Study hydrogeological peculiarities of the field, and the physical and chemical features of its hydrocarbons;
  • Justify the models of the geological structure of the field, and specify parameters for the evaluation of the overall reserves of the hydrocarbons;
  • Define the calculation parameters and actually calculate the reserves of hydrocarbons;
  • Study the gas pay zone and identify the condensate;
  • Analyze gas-dynamic features of the well on stabilized and non-stabilized regimes of filtration;
  • Identify the objects of development and prioritize the order of their development;
  • Model (several options) of technological and technical-economical data of the field development;
  • Work out optimal techniques and technology of gas production; and
  • Evaluate the environmental impact of the field development.

  • The project shall be concluded in 45 days time and also contemplates the approval of the Central Committee of Development (a branch of the Ministry of Fuel and Power of Ukraine) for full development and exploitation of the Krasnopolanske field.