ACE Winches Clinches Mooring Contract

ACE Winches, the Aberdeenshire-based deck machinery specialist has secured a £4 million manufacturing contract for the design of Mooring Equipment for Superior Energy Services. The firm will design and manufacture its electrically driven 8-point mooring spread.

Scheduled for delivery in February 2012 the complete winch package will be capable of operating in the severest of conditions. The ABS certified winches will be tailored to meet the mooring requirements of the barge, which will be working in water depths of approximately 60 meters.

The winch system for the Superior Energy Services project will be managed by ACE Winches at its global headquarters, based at Towie Barclay Works, near Turriff, Aberdeenshire.

Having sealed the contract win with Superior Energy Services in Houston, chief executive officer of ACE Winches, Alfie Cheyne, hailed the deal as a significant milestone for the company: "This latest win epitomises the dedication and commitment from both our sales and technical teams in working closely with the client to design the winch system to required specifications.

“With this contract our business is the next step in our strategy to become a significant player in North American market, and further cements our reputation for delivering exceptional service and performance in the world’s harshest operating environments.”

The Superior Energy Services contract follows a major hire contract for ACE to provide an extensive range of equipment to assist repair work being carried out in the Danish sector of the North Sea, comprising a hydraulic drum winch and hydraulic power unit (HPU) package derived from existing ACE hire equipment and ACE manufactured equipment, specifically chosen to suit the client’s requirements. The winches will be used to position clamps in place, which weigh over 100 tonnes each.