Australia Launches Drive to Attract Oil & Gas Professionals

An initiative to achieve greater success in attracting, retaining and encouraging the specialist workforce needed to drive Australia's massive oil and gas industry into the future, has been released.

A "Petroleum Industry Career Guide" - an easy to understand A-to-Z of the industry and its career opportunities - has been developed by the industry's peak organization, the Australian Petroleum Production & Exploration Association (APPEA).

APPEA hopes the Guide will be a mainstay in overcoming serious personnel and skill shortages evident in the industry at a time of substantial growth in the country's offshore and onshore oil and gas exploration, development and production activities.

The Guide is aimed at high school leavers deciding on a career path or university course, tertiary graduates, and retaining experienced oil and gas employees considering leaving the industry because of a lack of knowledge about wider opportunities within it.

Available through CD and web site connections, the detailed Guide is designed as a quick reference, starting point for careers in the upstream Australian petroleum industry.

"It can assist people understand petroleum exploration and production, identify employment opportunities, apply for jobs, then advance their careers within the industry," APPEA's Executive Director, Mr. Barry Jones, said today.

"This is a much needed 'career road map' into an industry which offers a broad range of fulfilling job opportunities to those willing to apply themselves.

"Expansion in oil and gas projects in Australia, particularly in Western Australia, means that companies are looking for keen, capable people to come and work for them.

"You only have to look at the wealth of information in the Petroleum Industry Career Guide to realize the exciting research and development opportunities available in the field of modern seismic exploration - or the breakthrough technologies involved in GPS directional drilling.

"What we are trying to portray for Guide users is the excitement in this industry - being part of a team that actually finds a large reservoir of oil or gas.

"Information about how to get onto this career path is all contained in this Guide."

Mr. Jones advised potential industry entrants that a career in Australia's petroleum sector included regard for safety, concern for the environment, and commitment to a team-focused career path that involved continuous learning, regular travel and adaptation to change.

APPEA's Petroleum Industry Career Guide is available on CD ROM and will be distributed at the forthcoming APPEA Conference late in March.

It can also be found on the ANTCER website ANTCER.

The Guide was launched this week Western Australia's Minister for Education and Training, Mr Alan Carpenter.