BSEE Completes SEMS E-Audit Exercise on Black Elk

Black Elk announced that the Bureau of Safety and Environmental Enforcement (BSEE) has completed an e-audit exercise on Black Elk's safety and environmental management system (SEMS) program. This was the inaugural SEMS audit exercise performed remotely using the internet to evaluate documentation, implementation and records evaluation protocol for Black Elk's Health, Safety and Environmental Compliance Department.

To ensure the most efficient and accurate system is in place, Black Elk combined solutions developed by SEMPCheck Services with the experience of its own in-house SEMS team. This collaborative effort resulted in a fit-for-purpose approach that provides the foundation for operational excellence as well as continuous evolution and improvement of Black Elk's SEMS program.

Personnel from the BSEE, Black Elk and SEMPCheck participated in this inaugural virtual audit, providing a well-versed wealth of expertise and experience for the assessment session. At the conclusion of the virtual audit, members of the BSEE expressed satisfaction with Black Elk's approach and with the degree of success Black Elk's HSE&C Department achieved with its current program.

John Hoffman, Black Elk Energy's President and CEO remarked that "The audit demonstrates our commitment to SEMS excellence as well as our philosophy of embracing technology. At Black Elk, our operational endeavors are multi-faceted and involve high-level engineering, smart economics, and have strict internal regulations to ensure the health and safety of our team and our environment. Black Elk Energy is staunchly dedicated to being an example of an environmentally conscious energy company. We chose SEMPCheck Services based on their reputation as an internet-based compliance provider, their shared commitment to environmental excellence, and the speed with which customized solutions could be developed and implemented."

As part of the SEMS protocol, Black Elk employs SEMPCheck Services' SEMS-map program. This internet-based solution comprises an audit protocol as well as tools including persons on board, incident investigation and management of change to comply with SEMS regulations and requirements. SEMS-map supports facility-level implementation measurement as well as document and record storage. These SEMPCheck tools allow Black Elk's team to manage their SEMS program in "real time".

Some of the benefits to BSEE in utilizing this SEMS program were increased effectiveness through remote document and record review with identified measures for inspectors to assess on facilities, as well as reduced cost of the audit.

Archie Thompson, chairman and CEO of SEMPCheck Services said, "This is a milestone in SEMPCheck's journey toward being the primary provider of internet-based SEMS-related solutions. When we started SEMPCheck over a decade ago, we envisioned that technology would be critical in the management of risk exposures in industry and today we witness the foresight of that statement."

Understanding that compliance with the law is only step one for success, Black Elk has fully-embraced this SEMS audit protocol and looks forward to further collaborating with SEMPCheck's team to advance the SEMS-map program for its operations and beyond.