ExxonMobil Provides Open Source Developer Tool for Industry

The Energistics Consortium announced Tuesday at the Energistics Special Interest Group Leadership Summit that ExxonMobil Upstream Research Company has provided an open source developer tool for the oil and gas industry.

The Standards DevKit (developed by ExxonMobil Technical Computing Company) is licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0, and leverages Microsoft .NET technology to provide the WITSML Standard and the PRODML Standard (both developed and licensed by the Energistics Consortium, Inc.) to developers without requiring the developers to learn the extensive XML structure. It allows them to quickly and easily work with objects directly in .NET and seamlessly translates those objects into XML that can be saved as files or transferred to web servers.

"We're excited about leveraging open source models and learnings to promote uptake of data exchange standards in the oil and gas industry. These standards will help drive efficiencies in our business processes," said Cindy Reece, Upstream Technical Computing Manager, ExxonMobil Technical Computing Company, and the current Board Chair of Energistics, an industry consortium working on open data exchange standards.

The release of the Standards DevKit is intended to encourage the use of WITSML and PRODML standards across the oil and gas industry by lowering the learning curve and reducing custom development efforts. Additionally, it brings the library support for these standards up to the current level of formats like Excel and ASCII.

"The digital oilfield is moving forward with more efficient technologies associated with open data exchange standards," said Jerry Hubbard, president and CEO of Energistics. "This open source development tool kit from ExxonMobil is a very positive stride towards greater adoption of standards in the industry."