AMPOL Finishes Spill Containment in Utah

American Pollution Control Corp. (AMPOL) has completed a spill containment project in Helper, Utah, announced CEO Kirk Headley.

Enviro Care, a North Salt Lake hazardous materials control and mitigation firm, requested AMPOL's assistance in the containment, remediation, and disposal of black wax crude oil which was released as the result of a vehicle accident. The project included one manager, three supervisors and 34 technicians. AMPOL personnel were at the scene of the spill from Sept. 16 to Oct. 18.

"Because it is a requirement to produce quality work at AMPOL, we often get calls from companies similar to ours for back up, assistance and management," said Headley. "However, we continue to get those calls from regional, national and international contacts as a result of the relationships we have established within our industry; at the end of the day the most important outcome of emergency response is safe, complete remediation and rehabilitating the environment to its natural state."