Xtreme O&G Wraps Up Fracking Ops at Hancock Well

Xtreme O&G announced that drilling on the Hancock well has been completed. Hancock is located in the Sooner trend in the Anadarko Basin and is drilled to the Hunton formation, adjacent to a well that has produced 18,000 barrels of oil in the previous 9 months. The site is located within a mile of the Company's Robinson well which has produced over 38,000 barrels of oil in the past 12 months.

After drilling was finished, the Hancock well underwent a state of the art 16 stage fracking operation to expand the wellbore's reach into the oil and gas formation. This work resulted in expanding our contact with the formation to over 1,500 feet through the existing vertical seams. These wells are all exploiting similar vertical geological structures that are present in the Company's Kansas properties making horizontal drilling and fracturing technologies an excellent choice for these projects.

"Xtreme and its drilling partners continue to deploy state of the art technology to exploit oil and gas formations," stated Willard G. McAndrew, CEO of Xtreme. "The Hancock and Robinson wells are using the same successful technologies that will be applied in Kansas and our collective experience continues to produce fruitful results. We expect production to begin in the next two weeks. Due to the heterogeneous and porous nature of the Hunton formation, our unique process is ideal to extract oil. Management expects to successfully repeat this process on numerous wells over the coming months."