Samson O&G Updates Ops in Wy. Goshen County

Samson O&G advised that the Defender US33 #2-29H continues to monitor the pressure falloff of the formation with surface gauges. An initial DFIT (diagnostic fracture injection test) was conducted Monday, October 10th. This routine test conducted an initial breakdown of the first frac stage and observation of the pressure falloff and with time allows rock property information to be gathered to assist in fine tuning the stimulation design. The Defender US33 #2-29H is the first Niobrara appraisal well in Samson's Hawk Springs project.

Spirit of America US34 #1-29H, Goshen County, Wyoming, Samson 100% working interest

Drilling continues at a depth of 8,674 feet on the Spirit of America US34 #1-29H well. Two separate bit trips were made during the week due to slow rates of drilling through the very hard sandstones of the Cretaceous Dakota and Jurassic Morrison Formations. After optimizing the bottom hole assembly on the drill string, an increase in the drilling rate was achieved upon drilling into the Jurassic Sundance and Triassic Chugwater Formations. The first target is located within the Permian section at a depth around 9,000 feet.