ProSep Cements Deals in South East Asia

ProSep was awarded two contracts totaling $9 million. The first contract is for a large produced water treatment package and the second is for the supply of a fuel gas treatment system. Both systems will be delivered and installed in 2012 on two distinctly-owned and operated offshore production platforms in South East Asia.

"The investments made this year to implement our new strategy are starting to produce tangible results," said Jacques L. Drouin, President & CEO. "We are entering the fourth quarter with a strong balance sheet and book of opportunities."

The produced water treatment solution will consist of two skid mounted packages utilizing ProSep's hydrocyclone, gas flotation unit and desanding system designs. Like most of ProSep's solutions, this system is designed to be compact, motion-insensitive and highly efficient. It will remove small particles of oil contaminants from produced water, allowing oil and gas producers to meet specifications for reinjection or regulatory requirements for overboard discharge.

ProSep's fuel gas treatment systems are engineered to deliver clean liquid- and solid-free natural gas. They are ideal for gas turbines where severe damage due to low-quality gas may otherwise occur. ProSep supplies complete modules for the provision of clean, dry and metered gas at the required temperature and pressure. Our customized fuel gas systems are reliable, safe and tailored to suit customer requirements.