Royale Energy Makes New Gas Find in Ca.

Royale Energy announced a new natural gas discovery in the Sacramento Basin, California. The Pacific 1-3 was drilled to a total depth of 7,150 ft. and wireline logs have been run. The well intersected natural gas filled sands in each of the targeted upper, middle, and lower Mokulumne sands. The lower Mokulumne has been completed, flowing over 1,000,000 cubic ft. per day on a restricted 10/64's choke. With the strong results of the lower sand, the company will reserve the middle and upper Mokulumne zones to be completed following the production of current zone.

The company has also added new production with the recompletion of new zones in several of its existing wells.

Andrus Island well is now producing 250,000 cubic ft. per day from a shallower formation in the well. Andrus East was recompleted with a high pressure of 1100 psi and will be placed into production this month.

"With a strong balance sheet and an aggressive pace of exploration in Royale's core area, the company is confident in its outlook for growth," according to Co-CEO Donald Hosmer.

The drilling rig, Royale has under contract, is moving to the next prospect and results will be announced on four additional wells by the end of the year.