Samson O&G: Frac Stimulation Preps Completed at Wy. Well

Samson O&G advised that Spirit of America US34 #1-29H well is at a depth of 7,287 feet and the current operation is running into hole having replaced the mud motor and drill bit. The drilling operations were subject to some minor mechanical problems early in this phase, which have been rectified and the drilling operation is progressing as expected. The top of the Niobrara Formation has been intersected as prognosed. The first target in the Permian for this well is anticipated at around 9,000 feet which is expected to be intersected late the week of October 10th.

The Spirit of America well will be appraising the multiple conventional targets identified in the North Platte 3D seismic data. These targets consist of a Permian age stratigraphic trap and a Pennsylvanian age structural trap. This well will be a vertical well drilled to an anticipated total depth of 11,000 feet at which point it will be logged to assess the rock quality and hydrocarbon saturation.

Defender US33 #2-29H, Goshen County, Wyoming, Samson 37.5% working interest (carried)

The Defender well preparation for the fracture stimulation is complete, with a 4 ½ inch tie back string having been landed in the top of the 4 ½ inch production liner.

An initial DFIT (diagnostic fracture injection test) will be conducted Monday, October 11th. This routine test conducts an initial breakdown of the first frac stage and observation of the pressure decay with time allows rock property information to be gathered to assist in fine tuning the stimulation design.