Search Efforts Continue for Missing Visund Worker

The police are going to Visund on Friday, and have started investigations after a 48-year-old man was reported missing from the Visund platform on Thursday.

The Joint Rescue Coordination Centre has finished its search, but Statoil is continuing to look for the missing man using helicopters and boats. A search-and-rescue dog from Norske Redningshunder was used to search the platform during the night, and this search will continue Friday.

"We are all affected by the situation, both on the platform and onshore. We have chosen to continue to search for the man at sea and on the platform," said Hans Jakob Hegge, senior vice president for operations.

He adds that extra management resources have been sent to Visund to assist the police and support the management on board.

"We are working closely with the missing man's employer, Beerenberg, and we have also offered support for the next-of-kin," Hegge said.

The platform will maintain a low level of activity Friday. A plan for normalization of the operations will be decided on later Friday.