American Petro-Hunter Drills Ahead at N. Oklahoma Proj.

American Petro-Hunter provided an operational update regarding activities at the Company's North Oklahoma Mississippi Lime (Limestone) Project regarding current drilling activities at the NOW-2H and ongoing improvements to the NOM-1H production well.

The drilling of the NOW-2H horizontal well is moving ahead rapidly with the lateral drilling underway and progressing through the primary Mississippi Lime objective. The Company expects the 1,600 foot section to be finished drilling within the next few days.

The well has already achieved an important result with data indicating excellent oil and gas shows in an upper sand horizon with substantial potential pay thickness. The significance of this is that we will be able to co-mingle oil and gas from the higher zone along with production from the Mississippi Lime formation once the well is completed and on pump. At that point a further evaluation will be undertaken to determine the probability for any future stimulation requirements in order to fully maximize oil and gas production.

In related news, the NOM-1H well has undergone successful fracture stimulation (frac) in the productive sections of the well. Following production that commenced in July, it became evident that the Mississippi required stimulation in order to return the well to levels present during the initial production period. Given that the well has ample fluid-moving capacity, a good oil cut and increased flow rates should noticeably increase oil & gas production. The ultimate goal of the frac is to see a five-fold increase in the daily oil and gas rates. It will be a 14-20 day process to fully pump off the frac fluid load although we should see tangible results of the operation within 5-7 days.

Company president Robert McIntosh stated, "The initial results seen during the drilling of the NOW-2H and the discovery of an additional oil and gas pay zone, especially in a sand formation, are combining to indicate that this well should be a very good producer. We plan to exploit this new data on all future wells and as pretty much all the really important new geological information at the North Oklahoma Mississippi Lime Project comes from drilling, the more wells we drill, the more information we gain. This translates into an increasingly clear and highly encouraging understanding of the reservoir and potential reserves of contained oil and gas available to our recovery efforts."