Corridor Advances Frederick Brook Shale Program with Vertical Well Spud

Corridor has spud the vertical Will DeMille O-59 shale gas appraisal well, an offset to the Will DeMille G-59 horizontal well drilled in 2010, in order to advance the Frederick Brook Shale program. A significant factor in the selection of the Will DeMille O-59 location was the strong gas shows encountered in the horizontal section of the Will DeMille G-59 horizontal well during drilling. The Will DeMille O-59 well is located north of Elgin, New Brunswick and is expected to be drilled to a total depth of approximately 2800 meters by the end of October, 2011 with Akita drilling rig #40. The well will be logged and cased in preparation for completion and testing operations expected in Q2 of 2012 when the appropriate equipment is anticipated to be in the area. Corridor has sufficient funds to complete the drilling and casing of this well without access to external sources.