Painted Pony Spotlights Test Results from Montney Well

Painted Pony announced initial test results on its northeast British Columbia Montney lands.

Painted Pony recently drilled and completed a horizontal Montney well at d-44-C/94-B-16 (50% working interest, Painted Pony operated) during the third quarter of 2011, with partner UGR Blair Creek Ltd. This lower Montney well was flowing at 24.5 MMcf/d at over 2,700 psi at the end of sixty hours of testing. Due to flare permit limits, this well is expected to be shut-in later today. The well is expected to be tied in and brought on production late in the fourth quarter.

In addition, two non-operated lower horizontal Montney wells have been completed and brought on production during the third quarter of 2011. The c-A58-J/94-B-9 well (20% working interest) was drilled, completed and placed onto production in the third quarter. After producing for 18 days, this well flowed at 10.9 MMcf/d at over 2,400 psi. The a-C10-J/94B-9 well (20% working interest) produced at 10.8 MMcf/d at over 2,600 psi, after flowing intermittently for approximately 10 days.

The Company drilled 5 (2.9 net) Montney wells during the third quarter, with 1 (1.0 net) horizontal well currently drilling.