Drilling Ops Finish at Blackbird's Montney Shale Well

Blackbird announced that Donnybrook has informed the Company that drilling operations on the Bigstone test well (the "Test Well") were completed on September 19, 2011 and that the drilling rig has been released. The Test Well was drilled vertically to the Montney formation from surface location 00/03-29-060-22W5/00 and then horizontal to a total measured depth of 3,818 meters, terminating at the projected bottom hole location 00/14-29-060-22W5/00. A twelve stage frac completion string has been set in place along the 1254 meter well lateral (horizontal portion) leg in preparation for frac operations. The Test Well was drilled within the timeframe and cost estimate of the operators AFE forecast budget. Donnybrook has informed Blackbird that it has secured a contract for a completion rig and frac crew for the middle of October.

Industry activity in the Bigstone/ Fir area of Alberta continues to get excellent test results from the Montney formation. The most recent completion and production results from a 2600m lateral with a 24 stage frac tested at 15 MMcf/d and 40-60 Bbls/MMcf of natural gas liquids. The well is located 5 miles south of Blackbird's Bigstone property and was targeting the same interval in the Montney formation. Three more wells are currently proposed in the Fir area by industry participants prior to year end. This brings the total number of horizontal wells drilled or licensed to be drilled into the Montney Formation at Bigstone and Fir to 9 this year.