AnTech Expands Wellhead Outlet Range

AnTech Limited has significantly expanded its Wellhead Outlet range. In addition, the entire range is now fully IECEx-certified.

Since 2001, AnTech has been supplying ATEX-certified, single and dual conductor Wellhead Outlets. Today, the wireline, completions and coiled tubing drilling specialist announced two new options: the triple conductor and the fiber optic line.

The Wellhead Outlet is used in permanent completions where pressure and temperature must be continuously monitored. It connects the downhole cable to the surface telemetry system, and is attached to the wellhead to provide a safe connection between the cables and seal against downhole pressure. The configuration ensures that the integrity of the wellhead is maintained, even if the downhole cable is flooded.

Increased use of fiber optics triggers demand

Having developed a bespoke fiber optic Wellhead Outlet for a major service company, AnTech is now making a system available to the global market. It is working on numerous inquiries to provide a fiber optic alternative to operators and service companies around the world. "We always aim to develop products that arise from specific demands from the marketplace, and the fiber optic Wellhead Outlet is no exception," said Tim Mitchell, Sales Manager at AnTech. "Well before we created a custom-built system for our customer, we had been receiving inquiries for a fiber optic option. We're confident that the new system will be embraced by the global market, just as our Wellhead Outlet range has been during the past 10 years," he added.