Samson O&G Drills to TD at 1st Niobrara Appraisal

Samson O&G advised that the horizontal 6 and 1/8 inch lateral for its Defender US 33 #2-29 H well has been drilled to a measured depth of 11,089 feet. This depth is the total depth for the well. The horizontal lateral was drilled within the Niobrara "B" zone for the entire horizontal distance drilled, recording resistivity measurements of 100+ ohms for the majority of the well. Open-hole logging and conventional core analysis from the vertical pilot hole indicate that the Niobrara "A" & "B" zones are both very brittle carbonate sections that appear to be oil saturated.

The forward plan is to run a 4 and ½ inch liner equipped with external casing packers so that the well can be stimulated in 15 stages, which would involve the placement of approximately 3,000,000 pounds of proppant into the Niobrara Formation.

A definitive frac date has yet to be set, but current expectations are for the frac to be conducted at the end of October.

The Defender US33 #2-29H is the first Niobrara appraisal well in Samson's Hawk Springs project.