Coastal Contracts Seafox Jackup for Support Services

Seafox announced that the self-elevating support jackup Seafox 3 is contracted to be used offshore Thailand for Coastal Energy. The works include accommodation and support services for early oil production activities in the Songkhla basin.

"The Seafox 3 is currently in dock at KeppelFels (Singapore) for regular maintenance and 5 yr survey works including pre-works for the job in Thailand. We are pleased to cooperate with Coastal Energy, Expro/PTI, Compass Energy and KeppelFels as the next assignment requires all relevant expertise to work hand in hand within the required time constraints," said Keesjan Cordia of Seafox Contractors B.V.

"This contract enables us to look beyond our niche market in the North Sea and into "innovative" other market developments. Using Seafox type of equipment as a mobile but stable and safe platform to facilitate early oil production optimizes the total value chain. Naturally we want to be part of this fast growing development. I expect that the Seafox 3 will do more in Thailand for Coastal Energy but currently we are fixed until end of next year," Keesjan Cordia concluded.