47 O&G Billionaires Make List of Forbes' Richest Americans

Forty-seven members of the oil and gas community showed up on Forbe's annual list of the richest Americans released Tuesday.

The 30th annual Forbes 400 list keeps Microsoft founder Bill Gates as the richest American, with a net worth of $59 billion, a $20 billion lead over the second richest, Warren Buffett. Larry Ellison, founder of Oracle, came in third with $33 billion.

Rigzone staff reviewed Forbes' list and identified all members in which oil and gas contributed to their wealth in current and/or previous positions. Of the 47 Forbes' list members with oil and gas industry connections, Rigzone's short list includes:

  • $234.35 billion combined net worth of Rigzone's short list
  • 3 sets of relatives with a combined net worth of $66.1 billion
  • 4 women with a combined net worth of $13.2 billion
  • 24 of the 47 short-list members Forbes' list their primary residency in Texas

According to Forbes' methodology, an individual's net worth had to at least be $1.05 billion to make the list. This does not include dispersed family fortunes but could include a member's immediate relatives if the wealth could be traced to a living individual.

Oil and Gas Industry's Richest Americans