Breitling Begins Exploratory Drilling at Ok. Prospect

Breitling has spud the Breitling-Woodring #1 on September 18, 2011 in Garfield, Oklahoma. The Breitling-Woodring #1 is the first exploratory well in a possible 3-well prospect on Breitling's leased acreage.

The Breitling-Woodring #1 is a 6,800-foot vertical well targeting the Misener Sand below 6,700 feet. Secondary objectives include the Big Lime, Oswego Lime, Verdigris Lime, Skinner, Redfork, Pink Lime, Bartlesville, Inola, Chester Meremac, Mississippian, Woodford, Hunton, Sylvan and Viola formations.

Breitling Oil and Gas plans to test the Mississippian Lime in the Woodring #1 for possible future horizontal wells targeting the formation. Management anticipates the well will reach total depth in about 14 days. Well completion and testing should begin during the second week of October.

Breitling Oil and Gas CEO Chris Faulkner stated, "We are excited about all of the serendipity we have in the Breitling Woodring." Faulkner added, "Taking the Mississippian sideways looks to be a promising opportunity on this acreage."