HRT Discovers Additional O&G in Solimoes Basin

HRT forwarded on September 20, 2011 to the National Agency of Petroleum, Natural Gas and Biofuels (ANP) a Notice of Discovery of gaseous and liquid hydrocarbon shows in the well 1-HRT-1-AM, located in the northeastern portion of the Block SOL-T-170, in the Solimões Sedimentary Basin. The above-mentioned location was aimed at testing the highest point of an East-West anticlinal structural trend, previously drilled by well 1-NSM-1-AM (Norte de São Mateus), where oil and natural gas presence has been observed.

Based on logging data, hydrocarbon shows in cuttings and gas detectors, it was observed three gas-bearing intervals, being two in the Juruá Formation, with net pay of 15.8m and of 17.6m and mean porosities of 8.7% and 8.2%, respectively, and one in the Marimari Group (Devonian age), with net pay of 6.8m and mean porosity of 7.4%.

Additionally, five oil-bearing intervals in Marimari Group (Devonian age), were identified and characterized with net pay of 6.5m, 10.0m, 26.0m, 5.6m and 21.1m and mean porosities of 9.2%, 14%, 9%, 9.2% and 11.2%, respectively. It is worth mentioning that, the referred intervals present oil shows in cuttings and confirmed through GC-MS - Gas chromatography-mass spectrometry performed in the IPEX laboratory.

At present, the well is undergoing an evaluation phase, being planned the run of nuclear magnetic resonance logs, to be followed by wireline formation tests, fluid and rock collection through sidewall cores. Subsequently, a Compact Micro Imager (CMI) will be run. Based on the results of such evaluation, the well will be cased to carry out the formation test to characterize the types of fluid and the production potential of the reservoirs.

This well is located in the Municipal District of Tefé, in the State of Amazonas and it is being drilled by the rig TUS-115, from Tuscany, having reached the final depth of 3,457 meters, within the Purus Group (Proterozoic age), without reaching the crystalline basement. This was the first drilling announced by HRT, which began on April 21, 2011.

HRT holds a 55% interest in 21 exploration blocks in the Solimões Sedimentary Basin, covering an area of around 48.5 km2, where 52 prospects were mapped and estimated, and 11 discoveries were qualified as contingent resources.