Northern Welcomes New Executive Director

Northern announced the appointment to the Board, with immediate effect, of Maurice Le Gai Eaton, Northern's Director of Group Operations.

Maurice, aged 52, was appointed as Director of Group Operations in June 2011, having been Technical Manager - Operations of Northern since October 2009. Maurice joined Northern in 2007. He has over 30 years experience as a Petroleum Engineer and Economist and holds a Masters in Petroleum Engineering from Imperial College. Starting his career as a Consultant with ERC, he subsequently gained substantial international experience with Enterprise Oil, Amerada Hess and Svenska Petroleum. Maurice has held various managerial roles during his career and in the latter companies these roles were highly commercial with involvement in new ventures activity and negotiations with government authorities.

Richard Latham, Chairman of Northern, commented, "I am pleased to welcome Maurice to the Board of the Company. This marks the first appointment for some time that we have made to the Board from within the ranks of our existing talented staff, which gives me great pleasure as well as underlining the quality of the professional management team we have at Northern. Maurice has worked hard during his employment with us and thoroughly deserves his promotion on to the Board."