Samson O&G Nears TD at Hawk Springs Proj.

Samson O&G advised that the horizontal 6 and 1/8 inch lateral has been drilled to date to a measured depth of 9,905 feet. Samson expects to reach the total planned measured depth of 11,030 feet by Tuesday, September 20th.

The forward plan at that point would be to run a 4 and ½ inch liner equipped with external casing packers such that the well can be stimulated in 15 stages, which would involve the placement of approximately 3,000,000 pounds of proppant into the Niobrara Formation. The Defender US33 #2-29H is the first Niobrara appraisal well in Samson's Hawk Springs project.

Spirit of America US34 #1-29H, Goshen County, Wyoming, Samson 100% working interest

A truck mounted rig is being used to prepare the Spirit of America well and it has been drilled to a total depth of 2,230 feet, at which depth 9 and 5/8 inch casing was run and cemented. The Evergreen 22 rig will drill the balance of the well once it has completed the Defender well. The truck mounted rig is currently rigging down and moving over to drill the surface casing portion of the Constellation US20 #1-36H well. The Spirit of America well will be appraising the multiple conventional targets identified in the North Platte 3-D seismic data. These targets consist of a stratigraphic trap mapped in the Permian section and a structural trap in the Pennsylvanian. The well will be a vertical well drilled to an expected total depth of 11,000 feet, at which it will be logged to assess the rock quality and hydrocarbon saturation.