US Seismic Systems Receives Order

US Seismic Systems (USSI), a subsidiary company of Acorn, has received an order for a high temperature down-hole seismic monitoring system based upon USSI's revolutionary Ultra High Sensitivity (UHS) fiber optic sensor technology. This order, valued at over $620,000, represents the fifth significant order received by USSI in 2011 for energy applications. The company has over $2.4 million in backlog of UHS seismic systems. This system will be used for monitoring hydraulic fracturing (hydrofrack) stimulations in high temperature down-hole environments.

"Our new system has the highest temperature rating of any large-scale production down-hole seismic system," states Jim Andersen, USSI's CEO. "There is a large pent up demand for high temperature down-hole seismic monitoring systems, but until now the technology just did not exist to answer that demand."

"Many experts believe this to be a key enabling technology for improving the economics of oil and gas shale drilling as well as the proliferation of geothermal sources of power," said John Moore, Chairman and CEO of Acorn Energy.