Emerson Unveils Latest Version of Production Management System

Emerson Process Management has launched the latest version of its production management system, Roxar Fieldwatch 3.0. Fieldwatch 3.0 comes with a number of new intelligent reservoir management features in the areas of sand erosion control and will provide important operational data to production and reservoir engineers as they look to increase production performance.

Operators receive thousands of false alarms from erosion probes each year, with changes in temperatures, production regimes and other noise such as electromagnetic interference being the main causes. Roxar Fieldwatch 3.0 comes with innovative smart alarm software consisting of a new filtering and temperature compensation algorithm as well as signal stability and trend analysis software that assesses how trustworthy each sand erosion measurement is. The result will be a dramatic reduction in the number of false alarms from erosion probes. Testing of the smart alarm software on historical data from a North Sea field has seen the suppression of 99% of false alarms, while retaining 100% of the genuine alarms.

Fieldwatch 3.0 will also enable operators to install virtual erosion sensors within their production system – particularly to monitor bends, T-bends and reducers in areas where it's difficult to deploy physical sensors. With the virtual sensors, users can configure the geometry and input pressure and temperature values that best represent the virtual sensor's position and analyze in Fieldwatch 3.0, as they would with physical sensors. While not as accurate as real sensors, the virtual erosion models can calculate important production information by inputting flow information, pressure and temperature data.

"Fieldwatch 3.0 is all about building greater intelligence into production management and giving production and reservoir engineers the tools and data to make better informed decisions," said Rune Sørhus, managing director of Roxar Fieldwatch at Emerson Process Management.

"The new features we are announcing today will not only help operators confront the age-old threats of sand and corrosion but also generate crucial improved information for reservoir and production engineers in relation to metering, production allocation, and choke settings. The end result will be more intelligent management of the reservoir and its processes, the transformation of data into intelligent and easy to use information, and increased production."

Roxar Fieldwatch 3.0 also comes with a number of improved usability features including new filtering and search functions where users can filter out pressures and well structures, for example, and faster access to recently viewed items. Different production systems can also be grouped together more intuitively in terms of how they relate to groups of wells and instruments.

Roxar Fieldwatch collects, monitors, visualizes and analyzes data from a range of sensors and instruments for operators to have a more complete picture of the reservoir and production system, and provides data input to reservoir and production engineers when making reservoir management decisions relating to metering, production allocation or choke settings. Fieldwatch includes a series of custom-built modules in the areas of flow assurance, sand and erosion, corrosion, and virtual flow metering. Fieldwatch’s distributed and modular architecture enables easy remote access for all users needing access to detailed readings, configuration and diagnostics data from Roxar instruments.