Surge Issues Update on Valhalla South Ops

Surge Energy Inc. on Monday provided the results of its fifth horizontal multi-frac well at Valhalla South, and to announce that it has confirmed its bank line at $150 million.

Operations Update:

Surge provided the following operations update with respect to its Valhalla property due to drilling results which are believed to be material.

Surge's fifth horizontal well (16-7-74-8W6M; 100 percent working interest "WI") in the Valhalla South Doig light oil pool (40 degree API) has been successfully drilled and completed. The well encountered approximately 820 meters of Doig Formation and was completed with nine frac stages averaging approximately 30 Tonnes of proppant per frac. A five day flow test on the well has been recently completed, resulting in flow rates averaging 1,992 boe per day (78 percent light oil and NGLs) with the last day of the test flowing at a rate of 1,866 boe per day (72 percent light oil and NGLs). The well produced through the 114.3mm (4.5") tie back liner.

This five day rate for 16-7, is comparable to that of Surge's previously announced horizontal multi-frac well at 11-18-074-08W6 (71 percent WI), which had a five day flow test rate of 1,979 boe per day (82 percent light oil and NGLs) with the last day of testing flowing at a rate of 1,903 boe per day (77 percent light oil and NGLs). The 11-18 well averaged approximately 1,180 boe per day (72 percent light oil and NGLs) for the first 30 producing days which is well above the Company's type curve for the area (675 boe per day), and it was producing approximately 870 boe per day (73 percent light oil and NGLs) on September 1, 2011 when it was last tested. The first month average production rate for Surge's 16-7 well is expected to be in line with results from 11-18.

Surge began drilling its sixth horizontal multi-frac well into the pool (8-31-073-08W6; 100 percent WI) during August 2011 with plans of having production on stream in the fourth quarter of 2011. The Company has one more horizontal multi-frac well (11-5-074-08W6; 100 percent WI) budgeted for the remainder of 2011 for a total of seven gross horizontal multi-frac wells budgeted for 2011.

In addition to operations at Valhalla South, Surge is actively drilling in each of its other core areas at Windfall, Waskada and South East Alberta. At Windfall, the Company has recently drilled and completed its sixth horizontal multi-frac well and is currently drilling its seventh well into the Bluesky light oil pool (36 degree API). At Waskada, Surge has commenced its nine horizontal multi-frac well drilling program targeting the Spearfish light oil Formation (36 degree API) and now has three wells drilled and cased. In South East Alberta, the Company continues to exploit its low cost, low decline, high rate of return crude oil assets via infill drilling and waterflood. Surge will drill a combination of vertical and horizontal wells in the area during the third and fourth quarters of 2011.

Increase in Bank Line:

Surge has recently confirmed the Company's bank line at $150 million, up from $120 million. The increase is subject to standard legal documentation which is in the process of being finalized.