Brinker Names New CEO

Brinker Technology has named vice president of sales and operations, Kenny McAllister as its new chief executive officer.

The appointment is tied to an aggressive three year growth strategy to expand its global reach and exploit potential markets with a particular focus on the Middle East and Far East. As part of this Brinker will also undertake a recruitment drive as it aims to create upwards of four new sales positions worldwide before the year end.

Operating from its global headquarters in Aberdeen, Brinker launched its Middle East facility earlier this year and has successfully applied its Platelet Barrier Technology® and Micro-Platelet Plasma® across a number of wells in the region. This has been matched with further growth in the UK and Europe.

Both technologies provide a fully mobile, compact and permanent solution that has the capability to manage integrity issues across an entire field. They negate the large equipment footprint required by a standard rig or hoist workover and the technology can be deployed anywhere in the world. It is virtually risk-free compared to rig-based intervention solutions that are complex, expensive and can take months of planning.

"These are extremely exciting times for Brinker and I am delighted to have the full support of the Board to drive the business forward," said Mr. McAllister. "Our technology is revolutionising the workover market with clients reaping the benefits of our well integrity solutions, as we can turn their wells back on in days rather than the months of planning it would take for a conventional workover. Increasingly, we are adding value by bringing wells back online which never make it to the top of the workover priority list.

"The results of our Platelet Barrier Technology® and Micro-Platelet Plasma® are instant, as is the value operators can expect from their wells. The time saved using our solutions is matched by our low environmental impact, as we do not require a rig or any other heavy plant equipment. The ultimate benefit for our clients is that they can implement our technologies as part of their maintenance schedules, ensuring the long term integrity of their fields and optimum production potential."

Mr. McAllister joined Brinker in late 2010 from Halliburton where he was a senior account manager. With more than 16 years' experience bringing new technology to the oil and gas industry through a variety of roles in sales, operations and general management, he has worked across the world spending time in Europe, Africa, FSU and the Middle East.

With the full backing of the Board, this new role will see him lead Brinker's global development strategy, delivering the value promised to the industry by its Platelet Barrier Technology® and Micro-Platelet Plasma®.

Brinker's Platelet Barrier Technology® deploys free-floating discreet particles called Platelets® into a flowing system. The Platelets® are specifically engineered for the size of the leak and the operating conditions of the system. Suspended within an engineered fluid, the Platelets® are pumped downhole, through the wellhead, down the annulus, and on reaching the leak, pressure differential forces entrain them into the defect creating a permanent mechanical seal passing full well integrity testing and certification.

Micro-Platelet Plasma® is used when a dynamic seal is required in wellhead leaks, as well as those in casing, tubing, well valves and connections. Finely engineered micro Platelets® are suspended in a gel carrier medium. Their advanced sealing properties rely on the fact that when a pressure differential is applied across the Plasma®, the micro Platelets® migrate to the leak site where they gather and form a seal, restoring integrity and preventing further fluid egress without negatively affecting the overall integrity of the infrastructure.