Gulf Keystone Unlocks Discovery at Shaikan-2 Appraisal

Gulf Keystone has made a new Triassic discovery with the Shaikan-2 Appraisal Well, drilled approximately nine km to the south-east of the Shaikan-1 discovery well in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq.

Gulf Keystone has completed drilling of the Shaikan-2 Appraisal Well to a TD (total depth) of 3,300 meters in the middle Triassic, following which a flow test has been performed in the newly discovered Kurre Chine C zone over a 80 meter interval (3,195m to 3,275m). This new zone is highly pressured and correlates with the high pressure zone penetrated at the bottom of Shaikan-1.

The Kurre Chine C flow test in Shaikan-2 has achieved variable flow rates up to a maximum recorded rate of 4,450 barrels of 36 degree API oil per day with associated gas of 813,000 scf per day through a 36/64" choke.

After success with this first test, the Company plans to continue with its program of Shaikan-2 testing in the Triassic and Jurassic.

The Company has a 75 percent working interest in the Shaikan block and is partnered with the MOL subsidiary, Kalegran Ltd., and Texas Keystone Inc. which have the remaining 20 and 5 percent working interests respectively.

John Gerstenlauer, Gulf Keystone's Chief Operating Officer commented, "The new Triassic discovery is yet another chapter in our Shaikan success story. As a result of these successful Shaikan-2 well test results, oil volumes that will eventually be attributed to this zone, will be in addition to the already impressive 4.86 to 10.8 billion barrels of gross oil-in-place already discovered in the Shaikan field."